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Welcome to the Clutter Cricket podcast! I’m here to help you declutter, organize, and clean your home in easy, manageable ways. Do you want to take your house back? Then you’ve come to the right place! I share tips, tricks and advice to help you achieve and maintain a clean and tidy home. Listen to my podcast and learn how to get rid of clutter, organize your home, and simplify your life! You can find out more about me at

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Thursday May 26, 2022

Easily follow these 6 tips for a functional and organized space! You can also find me at:

Monday Mar 21, 2022

"Clutter is an outward expression of an inward thing." That quote from Niecy Nash is the best way to describe the correlation between clutter and your mental health.  You can also find me at:

Monday Mar 07, 2022

I'm going to share with you what it's like to be a work-from-home single mom for an entire week. This includes multiple jobs and multiple kids! Find out how and why I do what I do. Check me out at:

Monday Feb 28, 2022

Kid papers can overwhelm your space. Today I'll break down the 3 systems you need to put in place to wrangle all of that artwork, school papers, extra curricular info, etc! Check me out at:

Monday Feb 14, 2022

Learn how to quit procrastinating and get going! Check me out at:

Tuesday Feb 08, 2022

Learn the 9 rules that makes getting and keeping your house clean easy to do and maintain!  Check me out at:  

Friday Feb 04, 2022

If your home is overflowing with holiday decorations, now is the perfect time to sort through them and find the items that you really love and want to save for next year. Check me out at:

Tuesday Feb 01, 2022

Labels are one of my favorite organizing tools! They are versatile and work for all organizing styles. Learn more about the different types of labels and tools in today’s podcast! You can also check me out at:

Monday Dec 06, 2021

Is that time of year again when we gather with family and friends. Enjoy your holiday festivities with a clutter-free space that is welcoming and inviting. You can also check me out at:

Thursday Nov 25, 2021

Today I have a list of common things around your house that can easily be donated or thrown away. Grab a trash bag, a cardboard box or a plastic tote, and let’s get started! You can also check me out at:

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